Bourbon Renewal Tour


60 minutes


8 guests*(Currently limited due to social distancing requirements and managing flow through production areas)


First-time visitors
whiskey novices
curious minds


Mash House,
Spirit Supply, R&D

Discover our unconventional path to making whiskey in New York for the first time since prohibition. We will share our riveting story of how creativity and grit changed the landscape of craft distilling. You will learn how we transform high-quality grain, using undiluted mashbills, to create Whiskey as Bold as New York. You will reward your palate with our deconstructed bourbon tasting and explore the big, bold character that makes Hudson Bourbon.

Tasting Set: Hudson Bourbon – Deconstructed

  • New Make Spirit
  • Hudson Bright Lights, Big Bourbon
  • Hudson BourbonThis Is Your Favorite
  • Whiskey (Single Barrel)
  • Hudson Four Grain Bourbon (Single Barrel)